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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 13

Thanks for checking back. This is a side shot of Ethan's 801.  I'm masking the interior in preperation for paint.  Using alot of plastic and tape is a good thing here because owners do not appreciate over spray on there instruments and radios.  If in doubt...more tape!
 Today I worked on laying out the registration numbers on the 801's wings.  The Number is "N801MB", the "N" is the nationality designation for the United States, the "801" was chosen by Ethan because his plane is an 801 and the "MB" stands for "Missions Beyond", the name of Ethans' mission board.
 The lettering is about 20" high and is located on the top of the right wing and the bottom of the left.  Tomorrow I will paint the lettering black and remove the masking.

Till tomorrow, Josh

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