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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What happened to April?

         Mainly April was taken up with getting Kristi ready for her surgery, the surgery and her recovery.  Kristi had a herniated disk in her back and had a procedure to clean out all the extruded disk material.  The procedure only lasted about 2 hours but the check in and observation was two days.  The surgery was a complete success but Kristi is now in the recovery stage, on heavy restrictions for lifting, twisting and driving.  She is recovering but she still has pain associated with the incision and inflammation.  In time though I expect she will be back to 100%.
         I would like to than everyone who called with words of encouragement, brought meals, watched the kids, said prayers for or made donations towards our medical bills.  God has blessed us with such a great body of friends and family.  We have received gifts or pledges that cover about 70% of our medical bills so far and I have no doubt that God will continue to provide the rest.  I think that it has also been a great learning opportunity for the kids as they have seen Christ provide for us thru this difficult time.  Please continue to pray for Kristi,  she still has alot of recovery ahead of her and the pain and frustration that comes with that.  Pray that she will be patient and not try to do too much too fast.
         In the hangar I have been working on GCI's King Air 200, cutting inspection holes into the vertical stabilizer and under the horizontal.  Eleven holes in total.
 I'm also working with Ethan Sheilds come up with a paint scheme for his Zenoth 801.  He will be using this in Central Mexico to plant churches in remote and hard to reach areas.  Ethan is a 3rd generation missionary!
       Thanks again for your prayers, Please feel free to contact us with your questions and again please keep praying for Kristi.

       Your fellow laborer, Josh

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