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Friday, February 10, 2012

New Project

I got handed a surprise project, MFI's 310 had a nose gear collapse and so both engines need to be taken down and inspected. I was also asked to supervise Ben Fisher and Jake Heath do the work. We already have the engines taken down and the cranks sent out to be inspected. We are now measuring and ordering replacement parts. I hope to install the engines on the plane in Florida by mid April The kids are helping me was buckets, taps, hoses and lids in preperation for the upcoming syrup season.
I've have most of my taps out and will be picking up my first sap harvest of the season tonight after work. I have 93 taps out this year and hope to get that number up to 100 before this weekend is over.
Tomorrow we make syrup! Check back again to see how it went. Josh

1 comment:

  1. Love to see the new airplane projects!!!

    The Maple Syrup taps look great. Hope you hit your goal. The weekend weather looks like good maple syrup time. Crap to be out in, but the sap should flow at least some of the time, and standing around feeding the fire should be fun!