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Friday, February 17, 2012

470 engine build

Jake, Ben and I continue to work on MFI's engines. We have already done alot of work including honing the cylinders, grinding the valve seats and valves, measuring the bearings, corrosion control, inspections and alot of cleaning and painting. Hopefully the engine will start to go back together next week.
We also had a tour come thru from a semi-local camp for troubled boys. Jake is busy explaning the tolerances on our engine by measuring a hair and showing that it was way larger than the gap in the bearings and other surfaces.
Also, we've borrowed a friends 4 wheeler for syrup season to help get all the kids out the the woods faster, but when not at work it is used in play. Here luke is trying to keep it inside the safe speed range that I set for him because he is a speed nut. I like to say he has more courage than he does common sense.
Hannah on the other hand is content to ride at a safe "normal" speed. She sits on the quad like it was a horse, she has excellent posture.

The best part for me is the fact they are having fun and you can hear them laugh over all the noise.

Where is Noah you ask? He is riding our quad but I somehow didn't get a picture of him.

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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