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Friday, December 9, 2011

New projects arrive

To start off the engine that Paul and I are working on is progressing. We got the crankcase back from the inspection/repair and set to work measuring and checking tolerances. The fit between the bearings and crank are between 5/10,000th of an inch to 5/1000 of an inch, that's not much! Any more or less and the engine will fail to preform to its rated horsepower, if it works at all.
We received 3 new projects this week, a 185 from Brazil (seen being unloaded), a 206 that was damaged by Hurricane Irene and and engine to overhaul. The engine is the one I took off CMML's 207 in Zambia earlier this year. It was disassembled and packaged in suitcases and brought to the states as luggage when John Louden and his family returned home for furlough.
And lastly, this is the Asas de Socorro's amphibious 206 leaving MMS after a year and a half of restoration and modification, in route to the Amazon.
May god bless you all this holiday season, Josh

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