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Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm back

I'm back and have actually been back for a while. Between the holidays and some time off I took I haven't done a good job keeping up my blog, we have no internet to speak of out at the house. Paul and I are still working on the an engine build and are almost done with everything except the measuring and building of the engine. Paul is seen below installing the cleaned pistons into the freshly honed cylinders, we also took time to lap the valves. The crankcase is on the way back from inspection and repair and it is the only thing missing right now. When we get the case back we will install the bearings and torque the case together. We'll then measure the bearings and compare to our crank in order to check our clearances. If all the math comes out we'll start reassembly next week.
Thanks for checking in, Josh

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