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Friday, September 23, 2011

Last week

I'm sitting outside the paint booth waiting for my first coat to dry enough so I can put on the 2nd. During my break I thought I'd fill you in on last week.

Last week we took our family vacation to Williamsburg, VA. The kids had a great time seeing and hearing about our history. We spent 4 days exploring and learning the town, I think everyone's favorite part was the big meeting that would be held each day towards evening. Being able to hear Martha and George Washington speak or Thomas Jefferson.
We also had time to visit the beach one day just long enough to get really burnt. The kids picked up sea shells and "other" interesting things they found on our walk.
On Saturday, in the rain we visited Jamestown, I was amazed at the size of ships that were used in crossing the ocean. I would't have wanted go in a boat that small. As we toured the boats the 20 or so visitors kept bumping into each other and getting in each others way and that was only a small fraction of the people that would have been crammed into those boats. Think of an average sized living room, with 40 people in it.
Hannah also celebrated her 10th birthday last week. So, after we got back home she took her birthday money and bought herself a puppy. Her name is Lady and she is a Yorkie. When Lady and Bree are nose to nose, Lady is about the size of Bree's head.
Thanks for checking in, Josh

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