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Friday, August 26, 2011

Milestone reached

The 207 has reached a major milestone today,with the finishing of the tail all structural repairs have been completed!!!
Andy and I have been working on the tail for almost three weeks. We have built almost completely a new tail cone for this plane. Andy, being our newest apprentice has improved greatly in that time. His riveting has greatly improved and his confidence with sheet metal has also increased. After a project like this any small skins, patches or repairs that will need to be made on any aircraft will be faced with confidence.
Andy is seen here attaching the side skins with rivets. He has a pneumatic rivet gun in his right hand and a bucking bar in his left. Between the two he smashes small aluminum rivets, holding the skins in place.
Dale and Andy check the tail for alignment, it was only 1/4" out.
On Monday, God willing, we will begin repainting the new skins to match the fuselage. Check back and see how that goes next week.
On a side note, Have you heard of the Kodiak? It is the latest and greatest mission airplane. This plane was designed and built with missions in mind. Well, on the way back from an airshow a Kodiak serial number 0001 stopped at MMS to give rides to the MMS families. Needless to say the kids loved the ride, Kristi... not so much. Small planes are not her cup of tea. In her defense it was quite bumpy up their. Here you can see Hannah in the right seat.

In some other news, everything has worked out for buying our house. We go in next Tuesday to sign the papers.

Please pray with us as we prepare to do some support raising this fall. Pray that God will open doors and prepare hearts. We are looking for financial partners to make up the gap in between where we are and where we should be. If you would like to join our support team just contact us. If you would like to help us by inviting us into your church, Sunday school class, youth group, whatever again please contact us.

God bless and thank you for visiting. Josh

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