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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One week tomorrow

We've been here for six days and I am very please with how the work is progressing. Paul and I have not run into any major problems yet and I've had more help than I expected. Tomorrow we will begin the installation of the new engine. We'll first start with a fit check to make sure none of the main components will need to be repositioned and we'll then move on to rigging and attaching the engine. A day or two of that and we will be able to run the engine and set up its fuel system. A good goal would be to have the engine install completed before Saturday.
This is the local church we attend, it has an attendance of 60-70, my guess.
Tonight Paul and I will be going to an evangelistic program, put on by the hospital for the patients family. People will be in attendance from Zambia, Congo and Angola. They have this meeting twice a week and have seen much fruit over the years.

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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  1. Hello Josh
    Thanks for keeping us posted on life in the Hangar at Kalene.
    Your old friends,
    John & Krista P