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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More pictures

Yesterday there was a whole crew of people working on the 207. I'm very thankful for the extra help as it moves us closer to our goal.
Here you can see Paul mounting the turbo onto the engine
And Joseph, CMML's head mechanic was helping and directing Paul on how to do it.
Natalie is a Canadian college student volunteering for a few months. She normally helps in the office but yesterday asked for a job in the hangar. I had her start taking apart the 207's old engine. Most of the engine parts necessary for overhaul will be hand carried back to America as checked luggage over next few years.
And Chadwell is one of the national workers who helps Joseph and he cleaned the engine bay in prep for the new engine.

I spent the day changing the engine control cables and painting the engine bay.

Check back tomorrow for the latest update. Josh

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