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Friday, March 4, 2011

What?!? Friday already???

The 207 continues nicely, I've removed all the damaged parts in this area and have began ordering or fabricating new parts. Build up will begin on Monday and hopefully end by the end of next week. I'll then move on to the main landing gear area. Paul has the nose gear disassembled and inspected. No cracks were found but one bent brace was found. Considering what it has been through that is very good. He is planning to paint next week and then build the gear back up.
I took a day this week to help paint "Brigade Air's" 172. We had a professional painter volunteer to come in and paint it and I jumped at the opportunity to pester him with questions. He was very gracious and I learned alot and will have more opportunities to put what I've learned into practice as the rest of the plane still need finished.
We are knee deep in sap and syrup and everyone takes their turn at watching the stove. Luke is working on his math, later Hannah came out to do her reading outside. With all the rain we've gotten and are getting the fields have been impassable for the truck. We've been ferrying sap back and forth with the 4 wheeler, but that is a slow and muddy job.
I think we are up to 11 gallons of finished syrup and we'll get that canned up tonight. All the rain will give us a much needed break this weekend.

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