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Friday, February 25, 2011

Air Calvary 207

Air Calvary is based in Gabon, Africa. Their 207 is used in support of missionaries, flying people and cargo into distant and remote places and it is used to provide air ambulance support. It was crashed around a year ago and a team from MMS went and disassembled the aircraft, crated it and shipped it to the US.
We've just begun work on it this week and this is how it look when it arrived. The damage is extensive but the plane was insured. On wing was destroyed, the right landing gear was broken off, the forward area of the fuselage , around and undefr the engine is bent and buckled.
We've removed the prop and engine and have begun disassembling the nose area, removing all the broken or damaged parts. We will then buy or fabricate new parts and rebuild the nose area back up again and then move on to inspecting the nose gear and then repairing the main gear.
We were estimating having the aircraft restored and ready for shipment by fall. Please pray with us as their is alot of hidden damage that has yet to be uncovered and that will add to the repair time. Every day this plane is not on the field the mission community in Gabon is greatly hindered.

Thanks, Josh

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