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Monday, January 25, 2010

If you have time to spare, go by air...

MMS has approved a rapid response trip to assist MFI with an engine exchange and somesheet metal repairs. MFI has been and still is on the front line of the Haiti relief efforts. I was picked to go on this trip and we have been trying to work out the details since. We tried to go on Sat, Sun & Mon by air but weather has kept us back. The new plan is to leave tomarrow by car. Please check back for updates and photos on the progress of our repairs at MFI.

Missionary Flights International

On a home note Febuary is maple syrup month and we are trying to get ready for it. Our plans are to put out 50+ taps with the hope of getting 400+ gallons of sap which should boil down to 10+ gallons of finished syrup. In the picture you can see Noah and I were working together on fabricating our stainless steel evaperator pan. It is 2'x6'x4" and should be able to handle the work load of 300 taps if we ever expand that much.

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