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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 1

Our first day in the hangar started at around 9:30am. I began working on some corrosion and sheet metal repairs that needed to be made on 300MF. A little history on 300MF is MMS did the original paint job about 10 years ago and based on its records it was station in England during WWII and might have been part of the invasion force. I spent the majority of the day fabricating a replacement skin and installing it. I will start day 2 by finish riviting it in and painting the repair.

We were getting ready to leave around 9:00pm when Nate a pilot returned from his trip to Haiti and told us that his Caravan need both main tires changed. After trying to find all the needed tools and jacks we got the tires changed and helped to load it with the cargo it will be delivering tomarrow.

By the time we left it was 12:30am and everyone was tired and ready for bed.

Thanks for your prayers, Josh

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