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Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 2009

Looking back over the last year it surprises me how things do not always work out according to our plans. If you would have asked me in January of last year where we would be spending our next Christmas I would have never thought that Coshocton would be the answer. Not that we mind, it just wasn’t in our plan. So maybe for this New Year’s resolution I will resolve not to have a plan. What would that look like, you might ask? I don’t know. I am the type of person to have a plan for everything and normally a back up plan or two for every one of those. Not that I will go completely plan-less, life necessitates plans of some kind or the garden would not get in. But, as for where we will or will not be going next, I’m going to rest in the fact that God has a plan, I have a part in it. My part is not to figure out what the plan is, but to live as a witness for Him, turn a wrench on His fleet and serve my family the best I can as a father and husband right now. His plan, not mine is the key to living plan-less.

We are beginning to see the effect of this recession on our income, as are many of you. During this time we would covet your prayer for our supporters and our family. Specifically that we would be able to maintain a level of support that would allow us to continue serving (MMS’s policy is that when your support gets too low, you may not go to the hanger any more and you must start raising support again). Please pray for our supporters too. Some of them have had their paychecks cut and some have lost their jobs. This is of course traumatic for them and they need our prayers as they are trying to provide for their families. Prayer is a powerful way of helping our world wide ministry.

This week when I got back to work at the hanger we started with our yearly inventory. It is not very exciting to count, measure and weigh every consumable in the hangar, but it is necessary. When the inventory is over it will be back to work on the Aztec engine repair and when it is completed I will most likely be reassigned back to the “MAG” 206 for use in Honduras.

MMS has recently started they’re own blog and it would be very beneficial as a resource for you. So far most of you have only had the opportunity to view MMS through my eyes and now you will get to through the eyes or our human resource director, Keith. Keith updates the MMS Blog weekly and covers all the projects in the hangar and not just the one I am working on.
Link to MMS Blog

Again, as we look forward to this year let’s rest in the fact that God has a plan, He is in control and we just need to trust Him for everything.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers, Josh

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  1. Hi Josh! I am praying for you and your family.
    In Christ,David.