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Monday, December 26, 2016

Hannah's Teen Missions Trip

  Greetings all! As you have read in my former blog post, I have been accepted to go to Nepal with Teen Missions! As my trip as grown closer, I have gotten new details that I can share with you. The purpose of our trip is to continue construction on a 3 story building for an orphanage in Ularbari, Nepal, but first we will meet in Florida for 2 weeks of intensive training at TMI's 'Boot Camp'. Classes in spiritual growth, Bible study, evangelism, music, puppets, and construction will help prepare my team and I for our ministry. On the field, in addition to our work project, we will be involved with evangelism ministry, Bible memorization, Bible studies, and special classes to help us develop goals and spiritual maturity. On Sundays we will share the Gospel through personal testimonies, music, and puppetry in local churches and the surrounding areas.
  At the conclusion of our ministry, we will join other teams for Debrief - several days set aside for fun, rest, and relaxation to prepare us for returning to family, church, and friends. We will also attend classes designed to help us readjust to life at home and get more involved in ministries at our school and home church. After this time, we will return home to share our ministry experiences.
  I am asking approximately 47 friends to contribute $25 a month for 4 months, equaling $100 overall. If you would like to support me in this journey, please go to and enter my name and team number (Hannah Adelsberger 17023) then enter the amount you wish to give. Thank you for considering to support me!
Blessings, Hannah

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