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Friday, March 13, 2015

SIM 182 departs

It is always a privilege to participate in the dedication of the airplanes that are leaving MMS.  This week Sudan Interior Mission's 182 left for Niger, Africa.  This little plane was a rare bird in the hangar as well.  It represents what many hope will be the future of mission aviation.  The 182 is equipped with a diesel engine, while common in cars this is the first of its kind in aviation.  The big interest is in the fuel it uses.  In Niger av gas is 22$ a gallon and this plane will burn around 10 gallons an hour but the diesel runs on jet fuel at 8$ a gallon and burns less fuel than the gas engine.  The mission aviation community is anxiously awaiting the 300hp engine that is promised in the near future.  That engine would be suitable on most mission planes. 

 The Mercy Air helicopter has made it safely to
South Africa
and its reassembly has begun.

Thank you for your many prayers, we could not be here without you.


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