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Friday, March 20, 2015

Helicopters and hogs

Only 4 days after the helicopters arrival in South Africa it is fully assembled and has been flown to the White River base.

 We are also eagerly awaiting our first groundhog season.  Before moving to Coshocton I had not heard about groundhog hunting but here, it is one of the things people do.  The challenge is the long distances and small targets The benefit goes to the farmer who has this crop damaging pestilence reduced.  
 Luke worked all fall and into the winter breaking up and carrying off  the concrete pad in the front of our house to buy his rifle.  Over the winter he shovel snow to buy his scope and this is us sighting it in.

I look forward tho the many days this year that Luke and I will be spending together, as I get older I am painfully aware that those days are drawing to an end.

Thanks, Josh

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