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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Outside work weather

As you can see I am able to get connected today.  I don't know why the internet here does not like blogger, but it doesn't.  Other than that the internet works fine.  The kids use it to chat with there friends at home and play online games together. 
 Our very,very remote location makes grocery shopping difficult and while there are locally grown goods, they are limited in variety.  We have been enjoying our small garden,  Kristi and the kids have been picking the first of our green beans this year.  Who would of ever thought of having garden fresh veggies in Feb.  You can see our corn behind her, it is not sweet corn, it is field corn. We also have lettuce, beet greens, carrots, onions and some herbs.
 We are also trying to been good stewards of the house entrusted to us.  We have been doing yard work, weeding and planting in the flower beds.
 Noah has been given a nice list of work he can do to help the flight service.  Mostly projects too large for the younger two.  Yesterday he was cleaning out a storage room,  I gave him a big stick to push the boxes and trash with before he picked anything up.  It looked like prime snake real estate.  He said that he only saw a few mice though.  In the picture above he is trying to reroute water into a drainage gully instead of crossing and eroding the taxiway.
 Luke continues to enjoy slashing the grass, I imagine he either is working on his golf swing or enjoys pretending he is sword fighting something.
Hannah and Luke have been working on cleaning and organizing the specialty tool room.  I have had them take each tool off the shelf, wipe it down, wipe the shelf down then return the tools.  In the future we will label the shelves and sort and organize the tools.

I have be chasing a leak on the 182 nose strut.  After a week of tinkering I think I have gotten it sorted out. I should know by Monday. I am also working on refurbishing some engine cylinders and teaching Nathan how to do the same. Next week I plan on installing the new gps in the 207 and help design and build a tool organization cart.  

Thank you for your time and prayers,  Josh

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  1. Josh, we're enjoying your posts and the continued Adelsberger Adventure!