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Friday, December 13, 2013

It has been a busy week here in Coshocton.

At home we are abnormally busy with the Holidays fast approaching, school wrapping up,  an international trip coming up and Kristi's soap business is going like gang busters.  The local newspaper did an article on her and her soap business recently and the response has been tremendous.  Our preparations for the trip to Africa are coming along, we picked up our malaria meds this week at 1/4 of the normal price.  That is a tremendous savings.  We have also been collecting our supplies and have started inventorying and packing.  It is an interesting job packing for 4 months and knowing that you will not have easy access to stores.    You also need to think of things like hair cuts, medical supplies, hostess gifts, entertainment and activities, likely illnesses and travelers bugs, even favorite food and snacks that need to brought with us from america,  ect...Basically if you forget it you do with out.

  In the hangar Dale and I have been working hard to wrap up an engine for Pilots for Christ before the Christmas break.  We've had one small set back but it should not keep us from meeting our deadline.  Our plan is to run it next week, finish up the paperwork and put my last project of 2013 to rest.

Thanks for checking in, please try the link to Kristi's article, it was a small town front page article.


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