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Thursday, May 23, 2013

IO-540-C4B5 Finished

I did the test run on the New Life Ministry's engine yesterday.  Everything went great.  We will delivering this engine back to them early next month
 This is what the engine looks like on the stand and running.  Their is a large air scoop covering the top part of the engine.  It tries to force air thru the cylinders to keep the engine cool.  Even though you can not see it there is a prop on the engine, it is adjustable so we can vary the load on the engine in order to make sure that  the engine is making full power.
 This is my main instrument cluster.  The gauges and sensors have to be calibrated each year in order for us to be allowed to overhaul engines.  The top left gauge is manifold pressure, it measures how much air the cylinders are sucking in.  Center top is fuel consumption in gallons per hour. Top right is exhaust gas temp and cylinder head temps.  Bottom middle is oil pressure and temp and bottom left is the tach., telling the engines rpm.  So for a little over 2 hours is sit and watch the engine run at various speeds, record readings and watch for leaks or problems.  Yesterdays run was very smooth.  This engine should serve New Life Ministries very well for the remainder of its life.
Just a quick shot of Luke, weed eating for the first time.  Our yard is quite big and after our rider died we've been mowing with a push mower.  This year with all the rain and heat we have not been keeping up very well. I'm considering stretching an electric fence and letting the cows graze but they would probably do more damage than good.

Have a good memorial weekend, thank a vet, and thanks for taking time to check in on us.  Josh

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