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Friday, February 8, 2013

"People" and Planes

I have come to realized that in the many years of putting up blog post I have neglected to give equal airtime to some of the other facets of MMS's ministry.  In MMS's mission statement "Preparing people and planes for world wide mission service", people are given top billing over the planes. The people in MMS's mission statement are the apprentices that train here every day, sharpening their skill and become a valuable tool in the advancement of the kingdom.  They have left their home, family and church to follow god's leading in their life.  It is not a life of ease that they have been called to but one of dependence on God. 
 Jake and his wife left their home in California with the desire to serve full time with Missionary Flights International in Florida.  Blog

 Geoff and family left England to serve with Missionary Aviation Fellowship.
 Ben and his family left Missouri and has yet to decide where they will go to continue their service.  Blog
 Andy and family left Scotland to serve with Missionary Aviation Fellowship. Blog
And just recently Scott who has been on Staff (not an apprentice) at MMS has accepted a position as the Director of maintenance for Missionary Air Group.

Missions is about people who have the good news going to those who do not and sharing it with them.  Planes are the tools that make that trip faster, easier and safer.

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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