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Friday, November 9, 2012

WARNING.. Creepy crawlies

Yes, there were snakes, lizards, spiders and turtles and all up close and personal.

 This tarantula started out on Hannah's head, where is creeped and crawled and waved its front legs very menacingly. I think the big smile on Hannah's face comes from the fact that the spider is off her head and out where she can keep an eye on it.

 Luke is holding a 2 year old 3 foot alligator and below he is holding a milk snake.  Do you remember the rhyme about "red touches black"? is it "friend of Jack" or "step back Jack"?  Well Luke survived so it must be the friend one.
 This little snake, about 3 feet was not content to stay in one place, it crawled up his arm, around his neck and was tickling his ear with its little forked tongue.
Our guest also had this 9ft python.
And we are getting a little work done as well.  The first engine parts are starting to come in and Jason and I are starting to tear down the second.  Check back soon for engine build pictures.  Josh

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