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Friday, August 24, 2012

Finished, well.. sort of.

The main fuselage and wings are done, but there is still some small parts left. Namely the engine cowling.
 Putting the stripes on were alot harder than I thought they would be.  I knew straight lines were hard to keep straight but at least with straight ones you can use a string or a laser level.  But these curved lines of different thicknesses and different geometry and different angles was difficult.  I'd like to say that when finished they were perfect as it is my nature to push as close to perfection as is possible.  But I will say I am pleased with the finished product.  Can "ney sayers' and "nit pickers" find fault? Absolutely, but no glaring errors.
 Ethan,  I hope that you like what you see and like it even more in person.
Friends, tyhank you for following me thru this paint project.  I'm told next week I'll be working with Dale on MAG's 206.  Installing cargo anchor points and inertia reel seat belts.  Josh 

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