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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Paul and I are back at it again after the holiday break. The engine Paul is building has been moved out of the build up room and into the run up test cell. Paul will complete assembling the engine on this stand and rig the engine to run. We'll run the engine together and get the fuel and oil pressures adjusted. After the run-in we'll crate the engine and get it and the paperwork ready to deliver to the owner.
While Paul has been working on the engine I have taken a small side job in the shop. This 172 was donated to Missionary Air Group (MAG) and they have asked us to get it ready to be a flight trainer. The work I'm doing is mostly cosmetic, painting different parts of the plane. You can see the tent I've built over the tail area.
And here you can see one half the horizontal that is waiting to be painted. I hope to be getting to it before the end of the week.
Here are another few pieces getting ready for paint. All the red paint needed to be repainted back to white. Whoever painted the red used spray paint and it has been a job getting it all off. I have been using paint thinner and rags to wipe the paint off one messy layer at a time. These pieces should be ready for paint next week.
I hope to be blogging more this coming year and doing a better job keeping everyone more informed at what is happening here at the hangar, on the farm out with scouts and whatever else we happen to get ourselves into.

Talk to you soon, Josh

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