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Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Pain"t ball

It was Noah's birthday earlier this week and he got a Tippman A5 paintball gun. I set up a get together for Saturday and some friends were able to come.
Getting all the equipment out and set up to play is the first order of business. Guns are checked and tested. Safety equipment inspected for cracks and to make sure it fits right. Then the hoppers are loaded and the game is on. We play on our hill side so dominating the high ground is always the first part of any plan.This is Noah on the top of the hill looking down onto the playing field. Noah had a great time, his gun function flawlessly and he got to shoot his brother more that once which is a reward in and of itself.
Here's Luke, at 8 he is our youngest player. He sports a full helmet, body armor and gloves. His weapon of choice is a Tippman 98 custom. He more than holds his own on the field and even the older kids show him his dew respect. He is not afraid to empty his gun in your direction.
Micheal and Brian are brothers and practice together at home as a team. They get more playtime than my boys so they tend to win a few more of the rounds than Noah and Luke. This part of the field is the low section and is divided in two by the creek. When you play at our house you need to come ready to get wet and muddy. Micheal and Brian both have the A5 markers.

In the end everyone lost count of who won what, but keeping score was never that important, having fun was and fun was had by everyone. Josh

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