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Friday, October 21, 2011

New project

Don't ask me why this is all underlined, because I cannot figure it out.

The 207 is all but finished and is only waiting on a new propeller governer to complete the engine set up before the test flights.

I have been assigned a new project and will once again be working with Paul Gettle. We will be doing an inspection on an engine involved in a prop strike. The engine must be completely torn down and the important parts sent out for professional inspection. We will then reassemble the engine and run it before returning it to the owner.
Last weekend the scouts had fall camp and although a bit cold and wet everybody had a good time. Luke is seen helping to learn how to make rope. We also worked on knots, wood working and athletics.
Hannah went with the scouts last weekend as well and got to participate in most of the activities. She is seen below helping in the fire safety portion of the weekend.

I only have one more thing to add and it is a request for Kristi. We found out earlier this week that she has two herniated disk and one ruptured. Most likely surgery will be required to fix her back. She has suffered with back pain for almost two years now. I ask that you pray she is willing to go thru with the surgery, that the surgery is successful and for the finances to cover it. Also pray for her she is depressed and in pain, not a good combination. I'll also be going to Florida for two weeks to help a mission down there, you could pray for her extra while I'm gone.

Thanks, Josh

Thanks again, Josh

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  1. Looking forward to having you help us in Florida. Bring your swim suit.