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Friday, August 12, 2011

Just winging it

It has been a busy week here at MMS. We have begun doing the final fit for the new tail we built. In order to assure that after everything is together the plane flies straight we need to attach the wings to assure the tail is straight and level. I also took some time to paint the canopy for a local pilots plane.The wing in the left of the picture is the one that was destroyed in Gabon and rebuilt by an outside agency, I did paint it though.
It takes alot of teamwork and ingenuity to install a set of wings. Did you notice the ladder with the adjustable stool on top.
Andy is riviting some of the sub structure before the skin goes on. After finishing up with his work well attach the skin and double check the alignment of the tail. Then we'll begin the process of drilling and riviting this new tail together. There should be a pretty significant change between this Friday and next, so come back and see it for your self.

We have sold 4 of our pups and 2 more have been spoken for but not picked up.


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