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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First service flight

The 207 was loaded up and prepped for its first real service flight since the new engine was installed. For those of you who are thinking "I wouldn't want to be on the first flight", let me reassure you that the engine has been checked and double checked. We've completed several hours of runs on the test stand, in the plane on the ground and a return to service check flight.
The couple being flown are from an organization called "Brass Tacks". Brass Tacks sends out missionaries with construction skills all over the world on short term trips. This couple and the two guys we will be flying back with on Friday were involved with building a new cafeteria for the mission's school.
After load the baggage and passengers and allowing the engine and turbo to warm up to operational temperature John Louden and the 207 were off. It is around a 3 hour flight to Lusaka.
Today with both planes gone Paul and I will work on breaking down the old 207 engine and packaging it for return to MMS.

Check back again tomorrow for a few final random photos and thoughts. Josh

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