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Monday, May 30, 2011

Over the weekend

The internet has been rough here, that is why the post haven't been quite regular. But considering that 25 years ago it 3 months for a letter to go to the states and back, we're still ahead of the curve.

On Friday Paul and I finished up the 207 and went on a test flight. The engine preformed flawlessly and I'm sure that it will provide many years of service. We did come return with a small list of discrepancies that we will work on over the next few days. The first real service flight for the 207 will be on Wednesday. Paul and I will start our long trek home on Friday and should be home by Sunday.
Last Saturday we had the opportunity to get out of the hangar and onto a local game farm. While we did not get a chance to see alot of different game the ones we did see were up close and personal. Pete Fisher is the owner of Nchila Wildlife Reserve and the day we visited he was moving Cape Buffalo. We got to help in small ways, driving trucks and helping to lift. No matter what we got to do it was a nice change of pace.
Another neat event happened while we were here and that was the alignment of 4 planets in a row. In the picture you can only see two but the 3rd and 4th are there. They were Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.The next celestial alignment will be in 25 years and there will be 5 planets next time.
This picture was taken from the top of Kalene hill. Mission hospitals were originally put on the top of large hills to get the sick up out of the low lands where the mosquitoes are. After climbing it twice I don't see how a sick person could make it up the hill. I think they did it too keep the patients numbers down, that hill almost killed me! I think a better name would be triage hill. If you survived the walk to the top you would get treatment.

Thanks for checking in, all is going fine. Josh

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