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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring planting

January might be a little early to start thinking about your garden but most of us have. The seed catalogs began showing up last month and the talk about spring began, what worked and what didn't. We narrowed down the majority of our problems to being behind the curve, we were reactive and not proactive. So we are starting in January this year!

Noah and I built this mini green house/seed starter in the basement. We'll be able to flood irrigate all the soil blocks and the lights are going to be all independent and adjustable.
We have already started some herbs, later they will be potted up and then moved out to the cold frames for hardening off in the spring.

On a side note, Noah, Luke and I will be camping this weekend with the scouts for the annual winter "Klondike". I don't know what it will all consist of but the weather is certainly going to be a central part of the story. More to follow next week...

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