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Friday, January 28, 2011

A picture is worth a 1000 words

If pictures are truly worth a 1000 words, then these that follow will tell only a small part of the story. The 206 project began around April 2009 for Asas de Socorro in Manaus, Brazil. The plane was bought in Alaska and shipped to Ohio for repairs.

The list of what was accomplished and was long and I haven't the time to go into all in detail. In a matter of fact I was only involved in a small part of the repairs so I'm not even sure about all the work done. The majority of my time was spent doing sheet metal repairs and modifications and when those were finished I moved off of the project. For my part I spent around 4 months working on the 206.
Me doing sheet metal repairs.
Installing the wings.
And finally the finished product. Ian, the project leader will be flying the 206 down to Manaus when all the paperwork is done. This 206 has been reborn into the service of the King. It has the potential to aid in the physical and spiritual healing of countless hundreds and thousands of people who live along the Amazon and its tributaries.

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