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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Navajo progress

The Navajo is progressing nicely. Terry is just about done installing the windsheild on the co-pilots side. The elevators have come back from the shop we outsourced them to and are ready to be put back on the plane. Chuck's crew door is all framed in and he's begun repairing the actual door before installing it. My skins on the belly are all done, I have since put on a step and handle that will allow the pilot to get up to the crew door and I have been working on the wing locker actuators today. The deadline is just a month and a half away, we're missing the flaps, an engine and completing the annual inspection. I don't see any reason within our control that would keep us from hitting that mark.
Here is part of our collection of farm animals having breakfast this morning It has been a few weeks since the pigs have gotten out of the fences so either they have stop trying or I've fixed all the holes finally. We will be butchering our last pen of chickens this Saterday if anybody would like the oppertunity to give it a try, just give us a call...

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