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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our pigs have finally made it home and it is good to see them in the fields and rooting up the crops we planted for them in the spring. When we went to pick them up the farmer had never handled them and they were born and raised in the field. After getting them into the barn you could see where the phrase "hog wild and pig crazy" comes from. When we started catching the pigs they started squealing and momma pig who weighed near 350 was not happy. She about tore the door off of the barn trying to get in. Kristi was fighting to keep the door closed and Noah who was outside with her was on top of the trailer! It was quite a commotion. We got them loaded and home and thought all was fine... The next morning on my way to work maybe a mile down the road I see 4 little pigs out in a bean field. So, started another days adventure trying to catch "hog wild and pig crazy" pigs. They have since stayed inside the fence and are getting more tame, Kristi can pet them while they are eating.
This last weekend I took the boys along with a few friends to an Appleseed shoot. We spent all day getting basic rifleman instruction and practice and on Sunday we shot for passing the Army Qualification Test. 8 of the 20 people in attendance passed the test and I was one of them. My pride for passing was short lived when I found out one of the other 8 was a 13 year old girl and one was a 10 year old boy. Great fun all around though. The boys and I went thru 1300 rounds of .22 ammo in two days, my trigger finger hurt on Monday. We are going to spend the winter practicing what we learned and try again in the Summer to see if Noah or Luke will be able to qualify.

Thanks for keeping caught up, The Navajo is going strong and ahead of plans as I see it. Check back soon. Josh

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