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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chicks, Calves and Turkeys, Oh my! (kittens too)

It's spring and things are bustling around here. We've got our first group of baby chicks, 35. These first 35 will go in the freezer after 8 weeks. We also have a few baby turkeys in there they are the dark ones, we have 9 of them.
Hannah's cat had two kittens this week also. Hannah is so proud! I don't know how we are going to be able to give them away. But I assure you we will. We have 4, I don't need 6.
And the two calves on the left are our new ones. Owen, our Amish friend, gave us one to keep Daisy company and I traded a quart of maple syrup for the other one. We've already began studying up on butchering the first one at home. We figure that little "T", the one far left will be the one to go to the freezer this fall.
As you can see we have lots going on and something new happening every day. I encourage you to stop by and see for yourselves. I enjoy thinking about the memories our kids will have as adults. How many kids today plant and care for their own veggies, raise and butcher their own meat and in a few years get their own milk. How cool is that! Josh

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