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Monday, March 1, 2010

Syrup season!

But first some catching up. Two weekends ago was the Scouts award ceremony. Noah and Luke both received many awards for there scouting adventures. The biggest by far were their promotion awards. Noah received his WEBLOS badge allowing him to work towards his Arrow of Light and Luke received his Tiger Cub allowing him to work towards his Wolf! The scouts also had a cake decorating competition with 5 different categories. Noah's design won in the 100 year anniversary category and Luke's won the Scout category.

The following week I had the opportunity to work on MFI's newest DC-3. It is located about an hour away from here and it needed to have the wings pulled off for inspection. When completed this DC-3 will be added to MFI's fleet servicing Haiti.
And now we get to this weekend, we started Saturday morning washing the 100 plus buckets that we have for sap collecting and after lunch we moved into the field tapping. On Saturday we tapped around 40 trees and then another 30 on Sunday plus another 10 today. We went out to collect the first of the sap today after work and collected over 100 gallons. That filled everything we had available and then some. We will start boiling down the sap bright and early tomorrow and by the end of the day we should have over 2 gallons of syrup! We have long nights, early mornings and lots of bucket moving over the next few weeks. Sounds like fun!


  1. Love the pictures. Looks like a LOT of work. Can' wait to try some of the syrup!

  2. Looks like fun! We've been sugaring as well, although on a smaller scale. We have 20 trees tapped in the back yard and are collecting sap in mason jars. We're boiling it down and having so much fun!

    What a great project for kids!