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Monday, November 23, 2009

New additions to our farm

We had a very eventful day Friday. Our duck hatched her first babies. She apparently doesn't know what time of year it is. All formal schooling stopped at lunchtime when they were discovered. There were 6 to begin with, but 1 didn't make it through the night. They are so very cute and have provided much enjoyment.
Our hoophouse has been a successful experiment so far. I harvested all the green peppers this week because it was beginning to get too cold at night for them. I got 1 1/2 five gallon buckets full. Not bad for the week of Thanksgiving. I also have been harvesting broccoli and we are starting to eat salads.
Our boys had their first cubscout awards ceremony. They both earned their bobcat pins. They were both so very proud when Dad pinned them on. They also recognized Luke for being the youngest one there with his geocaching badge. It was quite an achievement for him since it was around a 3 mile hike to get it.

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