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Thursday, September 11, 2008


It has been good to hear from many of you concerning our visa problems. We are very thankful for the many words of encouragement and your words of support. We have no new news on our appeal to the embassy and continue to wait for it’s outcome before we start seeking God’s guidance about his future plans for us. As we wait we will continue to serve here in Ohio at MMS Aviation.

On September 6th Edgar came and took delivery of his floats. It was a great time of fellowship with him and his wife. Edgar took the chance to show some slides of Manitoba and shared with us his work in Canada. The new floats will give Edgar added safety as he flies, opening up the many lakes as potential runways.

On Monday the 8th I began a replacement of the leading edge of the right wing on a Cessna 182. The aircraft belongs to Moody University and is used in there flight training department. The leading edge was damaged on a hard landing that collapsed the nose gear. Other damage included damage prop, engine damage due to prop strike, front cowling damage, nose and main gear were also damaged and that is just the quick overview. I completed the leading edge install on the 8th.

After completing the leading edge of the 182, I was assigned to “Missionary Air Group’s” Cessna 206. It arrived around a year ago for an inspection and has been under constant repair ever since. Lots of hidden damage!!! For example, I was given the right wing to repair which had a leaky fuel cell and a bad flap track. Not too bad, just a week or two of work. After disassembly we found that the fuel tank has come unbonded and now has to be removed and repaired. We also found damage due to corrosion in the nose ribs and skin of the outboard and inboard leading edge. That is how quickly and easily a project becomes long term instead of a quick fix.

On the home front, Noah and I will be starting our hunter safety course today. We’ve been doing some studying at home and I feel Noah has a good enough grasp on the material that I expect him to pass. We are going to try for a deer, some rabbits and for some good quality time together. Also, Hannah has her birthday next week. She is turning 7!

God bless you all, thank you for your prayers and words of support! Josh


  1. Hey!! Happy birthday to Hannah in advance!
    I am praying for you and i sure that God already has a plan for you!
    I am truly happy that's still people like you guys who are willing to leave the comfort of your onw land to a place unknow!!

  2. Josh, Kristi an fam!

    Hello! I am praying that all of the issues and paperwork will quickly be resolved.

    Have fun hunting..I can't believe he is old enough to go and that Hannah is going to be SEVEN. wow!