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Saturday, December 29, 2007

As we look forward to the New Year, full of hope and anticipation of what is to come, we take time to look back on the past and remember what God has accomplished to get us here. After receiving an invitation to serve in Manaus with Asas de Socorro and accepting that offer, we began an exciting journey to the Amazon. While we are still not there, it has been a humbling time of learning as we watched plan after plan of ours crumble before our eyes and slow acceptance that God has his own plan for getting us to our destination. As we now rest in his timing we can begin to see the wisdom of it. We have been able to speak at an additional church, gain some new supporters and receive much needed gifts both financial and in tools. God has used this time of delay not as a hindrance or stressor but as a time of encouragement and blessing and many of you have added to sense of blessing buy your faithful support, generous gifts or words of encouragement. Thank you.

We look forward to the day that our visas are approved and we continue on to the Amazon, but until then I continue to serve at MMS Aviation. I have completed about 95% of the repairs to the left hand float I have been working on. Within a few weeks it should be completed and I will continue the repairs on the right float. It has been a great time of learning the construction and systems of these amphibious floats. All the aircraft I will be working on in Brazil will have floats for their landing gear and it will be such a great benefit not to have this learning curve on the field. The right gear should progress a little quicker as the repairs have already been started as well as most all the needed parts and hardware already bought.

We will continue to pray for you, because if Christ is our foundation then you are the structure and finishing of our ministry. Every one of you is important to us, as prayer partners you move the hand of God to bless, provide, lead and protect us. As financial partners you provide the material blessings that are needed for rent, tools, food home-school expenses and on and on. If any part of this vital structure is removed or damaged it greatly hinders or stops the effectiveness of our ministry.

May God bless you through the remainder of this season and into the New Year. Josh


  1. Hey guys. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from sunny South Africa!

    Nate,Stephanie, Daniel & Ben

  2. Patience is a virtue I definitely lack! You're doing great! Secretly glad to have you around a little longer....(scrapbooking soon?)